Frequently Asked Questions

1What do I get for the $40 registration fee?
We will analyze your scar pictures, assess your information provided, and then you get advice on what we would recommend the next steps to be to help provide you with the best scar possible. This may be a medical or surgical treatment, an over the counter substance, or advice on the type of doctor to consult with.
2Can you recommend a good scar doctor in my area?
We have a network of allied physicians and will do our best to help match one in your area if possible.
3Do you take insurance?
Our scar consult advice is not considered medical therapy or medical advice, and we therefore do not take any insurances. We have kept the cost as low as possible to help offer scar advice to as many people as possible.
4I have other questions before I consult - how can I ask them?
Submit general questions to Please do not send any pictures or ask scar advice as this can only be answered after registering and therefore will be ignored.