The Truth About Scar Creams: What Really Works?
October 17, 2022

Scars are a part of life, and everyone has them in one way or another. Each is unique, whether a small scar from a childhood injury or a large scar from surgery. And while some scars may fade over time, others may remain for years, prompting many to search for information and advice on what to do next.
While many scars will eventually fade on their own, some types are stubborn and refuse to budge. Keloids and sunken acne scars are two examples of scars that usually won’t go away without treatment. The skin loses elasticity as people age, and sunken acne scars become more pronounced.

How Do Scars Heal?
When the dermis, or inner layer of skin, is damaged, the body forms a scar to protect the wound from further harm. Your body produces collagen to stop the bleeding and repair the damage, a protein that helps to heal wounds. Collagen is found in connective tissue and is responsible for giving the tissue its strength and elasticity.
The Role Of Collagen in The Healing of Scars
Collagen helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. When you injure yourself, collagen is produced at the site of the injury. It helps to close the wound by binding together the edges of the skin. The collagen network also helps to keep the wound sterile, preventing infection. In addition, the collagen fibers help to provide structure and stability to the new tissue, making it stronger and less likely to be re-injured. Without this supportive network of collagen fibers, the healing process would be much slower and more complex.

The Healing Time For Scars Varies And Depends On The Wound
It is important to understand that the length of time a scar takes to heal will vary. This healing time is dependent on the depth of the injury and the individual’s healing process. Some scars may never fully fade, but some treatments can help to reduce their appearance.
The scar will generally fade within a few months for superficial wounds, such as cuts and scrapes. However, the scarring process can take up to a year or more for deep wounds, such as those caused by surgery or burns. In some cases, scars may never fully heal and may remain visible for the rest of one’s life. The best way to reduce the appearance of scars is to keep the wound clean and protected while it is healing.

So, how do scars heal?

The answer is complicated, but depending on the severity of the wound and other factors, scars can take weeks to years to heal fully. In some cases, they may never disappear altogether, but our service is designed to give individuals the proper guidance to get all the answers they need to give them the best outcomes for their scars as possible. Visit us to learn about the best scar treatments. With the right advice, you can feel confident in your own skin again!


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